Benefits of Marino Wool

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Merino wool is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials used in the production of high-quality socks, and with good reason. Many consumers erroneously believe that wool has to be hot, itchy, and lumpy, but now that Merino wool is beginning to catch on, they’re starting to reconsider this stance. In fact, the benefits of this material in socks are many, while the downsides are few. Read on to find out more.

It’s Soft

There’s a reason that the wool from Rambouillet Marino sheep is used more frequently than any other breed. These impressive sheep have a storied history that dates all the way back to the fourteenth century when Moorish conquerors brought them to Spain and left them behind when the territory was reclaimed. This superior, incredibly soft wool allowed Spain to dominate the wool trade and, to this day, all possible precautions are taken to keep the breed pure as it offers superior, finer fibers that make for the softest possible wool.

It’s Thermoregulating

It’s true that most varieties of wool are quite hot. However, Marino wool is naturally thermoregulating, allowing it to help wearers control their body temperature more effectively than even modern, synthetic alternatives. The reason it can perform this impressive task is that it can absorb up to 35 percent of its own weight in moisture.

It Manages Moisture

The term “moisture wicking” has become extremely popular in the advertising industry, especially when it comes to athleisure apparel. Unfortunately, the synthetic materials that are most frequently commended for their moisture-wicking qualities do pull moisture away from the skin, but then allow it to sit in the fabric until wearers disrobe. In comparison, natural Marino wool can suck moisture away from the skin and help it to evaporate more rapidly thanks to wool’s naturally hollow fibers.

It’s Odor-Repellant

The outer layer of Marino wool fibers has anti-bacterial properties that allow it to naturally combat the accumulation of odors from sweat that can build up over time with synthetic fabrics. This allows wearers to go for longer without washing their socks without noticing unpleasant sweaty odors. Check out this website to view Marino wool products and learn more about this amazing natural fiber.


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