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The Best Relief for the Terminally Ill

The application of marijuana in the treatment of the chronically or critically ill has always been a topic of contention for the longest time. It has been banned in most parts of the world, either for recreational or medical purposes. When it comes to medical purposes, the ban was viewed as unfair, as it was driven by political reasons, not scientific ones. those who are strongly opposed to marijuana are in cohorts with the pharmaceutical companies, who politicize the whole issue.

The administration of medical marijuana is critical to patients suffering from cancer. It has been shown to be effective in the curbing of nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment, as well as the later stages of the disease itself. It has also impacted positively on those who also suffer from HIV and Aids, by improving their appetite and amount of food consumed. Those who have frequent attacks of pain, muscle spasms, depression, brain cancer, or anxiety can also benefit from marijuana use.

Seeing as marijuana has clear positive effects and results, there is need to examine the poor reception and acceptance from various factions. It turns out this solution to so many problems does not marry with the intentions of a different set of political and special interest group. Most of these groups actively denounce and discourage the acceptance of the drug, as they actively advertise their different solutions. What they have successfully advertised is a negative image of addiction and abuse of the drug. Such negative marketing makes the acceptance of marijuana as the best option nearly impossible. Politicians who stand to benefit from the adoption of the alternative means will be the first ones to paint it as a drug that will destroy the youth through abuse. For their services, politicians will receive adequate compensation for all their publicity work. Once in power, they repay their generosity by stopping any legislation that could make marijuana more acceptable.

We can also consider what people would use, in case there was no marijuana or pharmaceutical drugs. They make the worst option, as they are the drugs that those politicians should have focused all their energies and resources on, since they are highly addictive and incredibly destructive. Some of these drugs have been experimented on as alternative means. Those were far worse alternatives to any other means. They have shown that they cannot be relied on in this regard. They also promote the use of marijuana. They show how cost-effective and efficient it is in the application of such diseases. It is a natural plant that does not require expensive manufacturing processes.

The only reason people are not using marijuana to relieve most of the pain they are suffering from, is because of political and pharmaceutical interests. Marijuana has been shown to be the best option, necessitating the opening up of marijuana dispensaries all over the world. This would present the best option to those in pain and suffering. This drug problem is actually a solution.

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